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The Quote Challenge

“Gandalf: It is in Men that we must place our hope.
Elrond: Men? Men are weak.”      

– The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring –

I can’t even count how many times I have watched the whole trilogy of The Lord of the Rings. To me, everything of these movies is just too good. The music, the characters, the scenes, they melt my soul 🙂
But the best thing about the movie is that each time I watch, I find something new in it that is so true in real life. And one of the most important messages through out the entire movie (and the novel as well, I guess) is that men’s mind is so fragile.


Boromir is the first tribute to the corruption of the Ring (and he’s played by Sean Bean so he must die first, obviously!). Even though the character stands for great strength, honour and loyalty, that does not mean his mind can resist the temptation created by the Ring.


Apart from men, the movie includes 3 other non-human races which have their own way to resist the power of the Ring.
Elf: Wisest, immortal, good looking, blonde and white (racist, duh!). Their mind is not that strong.But thanks to the knowledge acquired, they know about the dangerous of the desire of the Ring so they hide themselves away from it.
Dwarf: Short, live in the mountain, love mining. They live far away from the society. They care about nothing but gold and wealthy. They give no shit to the power of the Ring but the fate of the Ring will affect their life so there they are.
Hobbit: Live in the Shire, enjoy peace, growing stuff. The Hobbit knows how to enjoy their lives. Just like the dwarves, they dedicated their whole mind to only one thing. With them, peacefulness is all that matters.

So, the question is: which way will your frail mind choose to resist the powerful desire?

Reply to: The Quote Challenge  (Though I feel sorry for not being able to do it as the challenge 😛 )


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