Lake district

25th June 2015

Having heard about it through one of my Japanese friend (Kohei, hope to see you rolling here!), Lake District has always been on top of my must-visit destination list in the UK. It took about an hour and a half from Manchester to get there, with a change in Oxenholme. I did not take any photo of that station cuz it was filled with bullshit (literally!) smell.

Bought a bus ticket, I went from Windermere station to Keswick Town, highly recommended by the woman selling bus ticket. Despite being quite a small town, Keswick’s main street was crowded with people and dogs (as usual). Described as a market town, most of the activities in this place happen around the main market street. However, as my trip going, I headed straight out of town to the lake, Derwent Water.

Lying not so far from Keswick town, Derwent water is considered as one of the main lakes of the Lake District National Park. I was dazzled by landscape of this place even when it was not a sunny day. However, the feeling of cold breeze, filled with steam from the huge body of water, had its own appeal. The main lake was surrounded by mountains and hills that were having various colors based on the plants growing on each of them. Walking towards the shoreline, I encountered a ground full of geese, mallards and swans. Chasing the bird, a little girl was trying to feed them. Though her father was following right behind, it’s lovely how children were allowed to play freely with all those animals (Which is not common in Vietnam :D).


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